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Fjord 24 Attache

Inlägg av Bernard » 15 apr 2018, 18:00

Hello everyone, I am a new user of the forum so I appeal to be understanding for me n this matter. :) A few days ago I bought lovely boat Fjord 24 Attache but previous owner had not a manual for it, so I have got request to you. Could you advise me where can I found mannual for boat type Fjord 24 Attache. I know that on the forum is chapter “Manuals “ but it is open only for members and I am not member yet.
Thank you in advance I would be grateful if you advise it me.

Lars Lundbladh
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Re: Fjord 24 Attache

Inlägg av Lars Lundbladh » 18 apr 2018, 23:11

Hi Bernard

We have indeed a manual for the 24 Attache in English also som additional information and brochures. We even have some sparparts for the boat like screws and newly made hawse pipe see our webshop.

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